5 Facts About Platform Lifts- Some Interesting Things

5 Facts About Platform Lifts

A platform lift moves along a rail that is attached to your stairs, giving you access to multiple floors. A platform lift is also known as a wheelchair lift, in some cases, the platform will raise straight up, rather than on an incline. These are called Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) or, sometimes, “porch lifts”. In either case, the platform can transport a person in a wheelchair or a person who is standing upright. It is an ideal solution for transporting people or cargo. Anyone can use a platform lift. Platform lifts are steadily becoming the next big thing in the elevator market. After all, they offer property owners the ability to transport both goods and passengers. Let us read on as we get to know about five interesting facts about platform lifts –


Versatility at its best

Since platform lifts cannot travel as far as other elevators can, it is crucial that we understand the versatility of the platform lift. They can be used in a variety of different ways by a range of different people and can even be installed inside or outside of a property. Platform lifts are also self-contained which means they do not need a machine room, a pit, an oil tank, or an electric box. It also consumes less electricity (1.5 kW motor) which is three times less when compared to other technologies.


Simply simple

Operating a platform elevator does not require a fancy degree in mechanics because the features are extremely easy to use as it uses simple technology. In fact, they are operated in a very similar way to a passenger elevator using buttons, however, the only drawback her could be its speed. But when we consider it for home use and the fact that most houses have about 3 – 4 floors the speed can be ignored since a platform lift can be placed in the most unutilised corner of your house and yet make it look aesthetically appealing adding to the beauty of your property.

Safety First

Platform lifts are crafted from high-quality mechanism and is the safest when it comes to everyday use. They offer enough space to comfortably fit a wheelchair inside in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and has a weight requirement that is able to withstand the load of small deliveries in order to allow for the transportation of goods. This also means that they are more than safe enough for use, even if the journey is a small one.



Businesses, schools and organisations are using platform lifts more and more these days, however, with great technology comes great price. The upfront cost can be considered as one of its cons but the lifetime value(20 – 25 years) of the lift makes up for it. They are quite durable and neither do they require regular maintenance (only twice a year) or frequent assistance at all.



Installing a platform lift is incredibly quick and extremely simple, irrespective of the fact that you are installing it in an individual house, a domestic building, or your workplace. Platform lifts can be installed internally as well as externally. Because of quick installation, these lifts are a great choice for convenience. All in all, it fits most of the criteria that we generally look for while deciding before installing a lift.