Testimonials- Home Lifts & Elevators Customers of Cibes Lift


What our clients say about us

“I Like the idea that its just a platform that moves up and down inside a glass box which gives you all the natural light you need and doesn’t give any feeling of claustrophobia and top of it in the lift you can actually fit 4 people standing in the lift – that was one of the main reason we choose Cibes. When we called up Cibes we had a reaction right away and I was also very surprised because they said they could do it in a period of one week, that the elevator could be working in one week, to be honest I didn’t believe it but it was 😊


“Most people when their parents get old, they move them to the ground floor, but we wanted to have my parents live a normal life. We looked at many brands and what we liked about Cibes Lift was that it didn’t require a PIT. It saved us a lot of construction time and construction cost. We didn’t have to dig into the ground floor and modify the house too much to get the lift up. The installation process was very simple”

“Another thing about Cibes Lift was that you could have glass on all four sides, so if there is glass on all 4 sides, the lift feels very open. Another thing we liked about Cibes Lift was that the Lift was very quiet, and the ride was a lot smoother. That was a very important decision on our part to use Cibes”


“One of the amazing things about Cibes was that the designer realised the location we planned for the lift was not the best one. They understood their customer and thought about what it was meant for. The lift actually ended up in a different place from the one it was originally designed for. I am grateful for this as the lift we designed would have been much smaller, and our largest trolleys would not even fit inside it. It makes working so much easier, there is no need to go up and down the stairs with heavy stuffs anymore, it certainly saves your feet and improves safety at work. We discussed the lift with three different lift suppliers, Cibes was the only one looked at it precisely from our point of view. I am extremely happy that we can offer the growing number of senior citizens the diverse services they are looking for!


“We chose a Cibes Lift, basically for its functionality, for its modernity and comfort. It is very silent, and we were looking for a lift that would not make much noise. We wanted to avoid the sound of the conventional lifts, interrupting the silence of the night for our guests. The civil work was complicated for our space but Cibes made it easy because they rely on a great team. We are happy that after 10 years of trying to make this hotel accessible, we finally succeeded. We are very grateful for all the help we received when it comes to design and the doubts we had. Everything was solved very fast. We are happy with Cibes Lift’s service!